About Continuum

Continuum™ is the EMSPIC's new state EMS information system which collects data on each EMS call report made within the state. Data is submitted daily to the EMSPIC in one of two ways. The first is through a web based data entry tool. The second method is through an XML import process. Continuum™ allows evaluation of EMS patient care and system performance, functioning beyond a medical record and quality management tool with hospital outcome data, billing data, and linkages to multiple databases outside EMS.

Continuum™ is used by state regulatory offices in North Carolina and South Carolina to monitor and provide credentials to EMS personnel, ambulances and EMS agencies. Continuum™ is used to track and document EMS personnel education, credentials, disciplinary actions and contact information. It is through this system that EMS personnel register for continuing education and certification courses. Grades from completed courses are also posted within the system by course instructors to be referenced by the students, EMS agencies and the state regulatory offices. Continuum™ also stores ambulance permits and inspections information as well as EMS agency permits.